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Alternative Diabetes Therapy Type II.

Less insulin injections.

The Tibetan Diabetes Therapy can effectivly lower your insulin dependancy.

Diabetes combined with obesity is a symptom of the "metabolic Syndrome". It is often combined with a genetic predisposition. One of its main features is an insulin resistance. 

Insulin is produced Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas., but due to the insulin resistance the glucose in the blood stream cannot be transported into the cells, as the insulin receptors are partially blocked. This signals the body that more insulin needs to be produced and so on and so on.. As the body cannot store enough of the glucose in the cells it deposits it there in form of fat. So the patient puts on weight. Reducing the amount of food does not really help because obesity progresses - only slower.

Our alternative Tibetan diabetes therapy starts at a different end. We treat on a purely herbal basis initially the insulin resistance. One of the key factors is the reactivation of the AMPK enzyme. (AMP activated protein kinase), which controls glucose absorption and fat oxidation. A program for enhancing bodily fitness supports this further.

Further a reduction in weight and a restructuring of the nutrition is necessary. Important is also lowering the often present high blood pressure.

The Tibetan diabetes therapy targets: Lowering the level of insulin resistance and enhancing of the glucose absorption in the cells Reduction of the necessary external inulin. Reduction of weight and high blood pressure. Lowing of the blood cholesterol and uric acid level.


Irina Bauscher